Louise Julin

2012/02/17 ~ Present myself

Kategori: GET TO KNOW ME

Day 1 - Present myself

My name's Louise, I'm 18 years old, born and living in Sweden (I'm also half finnish). Living in the same old town as I always have with my mom, dad and older brother. Currently in my last year of school, waiting to graduate in June. My plans after that is to work, save money, travel, see the world before maybe going back to school and/or work so I can move to my own apartment. 

I played football for 3-4 years before I had to quit due to knee problems/injuries (which I still have..). I'm a huge ice hockey fan, cheering for Sweden's very own Leksands IF. 

Favorite colours: black, blue, red, silver and green. Interests: shopping, travelling, partying, listen to music and spend time with friends and family. I hate: lying, cheating, wars and breaking promises. I see myself as: happy, open-minded and loud. I always try to have a good time, as well as being there for my friends when they need me.

If there's anything you're wondering about, don't hesitate asking.