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Two pictures from the cruise

Starting from the beginning, I've had the time of my life. 

After a two and a half hour bus ride to Stockholm, we got to the terminal where we had to wait what felt like forever before we got to board the boat. Finally on board, we went to our room, changed clothes and went to dinner. The buffé was amazing! We sat there for an hour or so and just ate, talked, drank and laughed. 

After dinner, we went to the tax free and bought the supplies for the night. Back at our room, it was time to open the first can and start the party. As the night went by, we were the ones ending up throwing the preparty, so we invited our neighbours to our room and then it went crazy. 

We went to the top dance floor where the Swedish DJ Peter Siepen were playing all kinds of music. It was never a dull moment on the dancefloor. The boys we had invited tagged along and we met so much new people and laughed until our stomachs hurt. 

Around 4am, we went to another dance floor, which I must say, were disgusting. I fell right on the dance floor, got up, got punched in the jaw and got half a glas of beer in my hair. Real nice.

When breakfast opened at 5am, we went to eat. I was literally so tired it almost felt like I would bang my head in the table. No kidding. It ended up with us going to our room for a 6 hour powernap. At 12pm, we woke up and I were the only one who started drinking again. So at 4pm, I opened the last drink for the cruise and after that, I was dead. 

After that, all we did was to wait for the bus to come and pick us up and take us home. And after a long three hour ride, we finally got to our local station and got to go home. 

It was definitely the most fun I've had of all times I've went out, which says it all. Nothing can really beat this night! It was amazing.

2012/02/27 ~ Student cruise

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Preset post / I'll be on my way to Stockholm as you're reading this

It's time for our student cruise!!!
The day I've been waiting for since September last year is finally here. My friends and I take our things and are leaving Borlänge for Stockholm/Finland for the next 30-32 hours. 

See you when I get back! 


2012/02/26 ~ Five random truths about myself

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Day 10 - Five random truths about myself

♥ I have huge addictions to coca cola, tv shows, magazines/books and music
♥ My worst habit is biting my nails
♥ I can't sleep laying on my stomach
♥ I need to have alone-time at least 1-2 hours per day
♥ I collected rubbers, bookmarks and stickers when I were little

2012/02/25 ~ Favorite place on Earth

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Day 9 - My favorite place on Earth
I actually have two favorites places, neither of them in Sweden. 

♥ Turkey
My mom, my grandma and I have been to Turkey every year since 2009, and we've gone back to the same hotel every year because we love it so much. Coming back there feels like coming home. Everyone is so kind and funny and it's a beautiful place.

♥ Finland
All my familymembers on my moms side is from Finland, so ever since I was born, I've gone there at least once a year. As of today, I think I've been to Finland 21 times. I especially love spending time at my great-grandmothers summer house. It's outside of town and it's the best place ever. There might not be much to do, but I love it there.

2012/02/24 ~ Favorite season and why

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Day 8 - My favorite season and why
Summer is definitely my favorite season because I love the sun, the freedom, the festivals, being able to tan, wear shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, flip flops (you name it!) without freezing. If I were to decide, I'd let it be summer all year long. I can't really function right if it's not summer, without the heat and the cute outfits, it's heavenly. Without a tan or just hanging out in the sun, I feel wrong. Misplaced. Sounds like I'm a barbie doll, needing a tan, but it's not like that. I just love being tanned; I've never liked being pale. It's just not me, it doesn't feel right.

I also like spring, when the sun always shine and the snow is disappearing. It's lovely to hear the birds sing and feel the freshness in the air, knowing it's soon summer.

2012/02/23 ~ I want to do this before I die

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Day 7 - I want to do this before I die

Bungy jump
♥ Sky diving
♥ Travel around the world
♥ Work as a volunteer
♥ Live and work abroad, preferably London or somewhere in the US
♥ Meet my idols
♥ Go on a safari
♥ Interrail in Europe
♥ Publish my own book

Consider my fright of heights, I might be the stupidest person in the world for wanting to go sky diving and bungy jumping. But it's something I want to do, and I will do it before I die.
Also, publishing my own book is one of those things I've already written down on the to-do list, simply because I love writing. It's a passion of mine and I spend a lot of time writing poems, novels, etc.

A few of the things I want to do before I die.


2012/02/22 ~ My ambitions

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Day 6 - My ambitions
Until recently, I haven't really had any real ambitions. I've always been the kind of person who rolls with the moment and do the things I have to do, without really putting too much thought into what I'm doing or why. But since I'm graduating in June, it might be time to sort out my thoughts and write down my ambitions for the future. 

Something I've always loved to do is travel. And since last fall, I've been thinking more and more about studying abroad. To study law and become a jurist is kind of an ambition for me, and when my mind actually travels to this topic, London is what comes up in my mind. 
I'm a really shy person and don't really like leaving my comfort zone, so leaving home to study abroad is thrilling and definitely something I want to try within a few years.

Another of my ambitions is, after I've graduated, to find a well paid job where I can work for a few months, save money and travel the world. Thailand is my first goal; two of my friends and I have talked about back packing there for a few months. 

I love music. I don't think I would be where I am today if it weren't for music. It have literally saved my life. And as you read a few days ago, my four favorite bands are One Direction, Mando Diao, 30 Seconds To Mars and Kings of Leon. One of my ambitions in this area is to one day meet all of these boys in person, talk to them, get their autographs (even though I have two Mando Diao CD's signed, one LP personally signed to me) and just hang out. 

There you go, three of my ambitions so far!


2012/02/21 ~ Proud moment


One Direction, Brit winners for Best British Single with 'What Makes You Beautiful'

2012/02/21 ~ My most embarrassing memory

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Day 5 - My most embarrassing memory
You see, here's a little problem, I can't remember any embarrassing memory. I don't think I have any memories I feel embarrassed over. But for the sake of this topic, I'll tell you a little about some of my memories that are both funny, but also can be considered to be embarrassing. 

So, let's begin with when I was little. I was naked. All the time. I took off my clothes every chance I got and ran around the house. And one time, when I was around 4 years old, maybe 5, my family and I were in Finland to visit my relatives. I was naked, of course, and decided to go for a walk in my grandmothers yard, with my aunts shoes (which, as you can imagine, were absolutely too big for me at that age), and walked around. Now, as I walked, there were stinging nettles on the way to the out door toilet, and when I were walking beside them, I lost control over my feet and fell. I fell right into the stinging nettles, bare naked! Lucky for me, I can't remember this myself, but my mom told me multiple times. And by the time I fell in, I was yelling my head off, screaming at the top of my lungs, and when my mom were going to put me in a bathtub, (to help ease the pain), I refused. So, here's the funny part: my parents had to push me into the bathtub, force me into it.

Another memory is quite funny. It happened around two years ago, my friends and I were at the mall to meet a few Idols (from that seasons Swedish Idol). Calle, my favorite, were sitting on the floor beneath us and my friend said, 'If I whistle, and he looks up, will you wave?' and I answered, 'Yes, sure.' I didn't think he would actually look up. 
So, my friend whistled, and he looked up. So I stood there, and had to wave. And I waved. Like a fucking idiot. Or baby, rather, half my hand closing, opening, closing, opening. You get the picture, yeah? Anyways, Calle was smiling like hell and my friends were dying from laughter. Myself, I thought I'd die from embarrassment at the moment. Now, it's quite funny. 


2012/02/20 ~ If I was the richest person in the world

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Day 4 - If I was the richest person in the world
I think this is probably the hardest one to put down in words since there is so much I would do. And obviously, I would do a lot more than what I'm writing here. But I would..

♥ Donate. Help people in need (put food on their tables and clothes on their bodies, etc).
♥ Pay off my families debts and give them whatever they wanted.
♥ Buy myself a beach house and a few apartments/houses around the world.
♥ Travel with my friends and family around the world. 
♥ Literally shop until I dropped.

These five things are what I can come up with now. And like I said, obviously there is so much more I would do if I were the richest person in the world. It's hard to put it down in words and just come up with everything 'as we speak'. I think I would come up with things to spend the money on as I went. But ↑ are definitely something I would start with. 

(I believe there might be people who don't like what I'd do, and maybe think my choices would be selfish, and that's fine. But you can always keep in mind that there's no way I'd ever be the richest person in the world, so stay calm!)


2012/02/19 ~ My fears

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Day 3 - My fears
I'm afraid of almost everything. I get scared really easy. My biggest fears are deep waters, heights, darkness, crowded & small rooms/places, spiders (bugs in general) & growing old. 

DEEP WATERS: I have a huge imagination and tell myself someone, or something, will grab my legs and drag me down, causing me to drown. Usually when I'm bathing in lakes or seas, I prefer to stay close to shore where I can feel the ground beneath my feet. It makes me feel safer. 

HEIGHTS: My fear of heights make itself known everytime I stand on a chair or a ladder. If I necessary needs to climb above the ground, I try and not look down at the floor. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Something else, which counts in this category is flying. I absolutely hate it, and get more and more scared each time I fly. Which is weird, since you think you would get less scared everytime.. Well, not me. 

DARKNESS: Same as deep waters, my imagination. I always think something will come out of the dark and kill me or something, and when my mind has started thinking like this.. I can't stop. One thought and I'm fucked. When I'm out alone, walking in the dark, I either call someone, or run. Simple as that.

CROWDED AND SMALL PLACES/ROOM: Includes being buried alive. One of my absolutely biggest fears. I start hyperventilate if I feel crowded or get stuck in smaller places, like elevators, for a while. Normally I can't even ride elevators because I panic. 

SPIDERS: I'm like Ron Weasley when it comes to spiders. I can't stand them. Everytime I see a spider in our apartment, I scream and run into another room until one of my family members has either killed it or taken it outside. It's terrible! 

GROWING OLD: I'm terrified of growing old. The thought of sitting there as a 90 year old woman, thinking back on my life, realising I haven't done everything I wanted to do is practically scaring me to death. I'm also scared of not being able to do everything I want due to different limits. I have so many dreams and goals in my life; and the thought of not being able to complete them is what's scaring me the most about growing old. If I could, I'd be young forever.

2012/02/18 ~ My favorite bands

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Day 2 - My favorite bands
There are many favorites in my playlists, but four bands are special. Life-savers.

The first one's MANDO DIAO, I became a fan in 2007 when I heard "If I Don't Live Today, Then I Might Be Here Tomorrow", and the reason I fell in love with them was because of their lyrics. Each of their songs make me feel different emotions and their songs are perfect for every mood. I've seen them live every summer since 2009 and the magic of seeing them live is even better each time.

My second favorite band's KINGS OF LEON. I've been a fan since 2007/2008 and I saw them live for the first time on June 29th, 2011. The first song I ever heard with them was "True Love Way" and that song was reason enough to go and buy their CD's. Thinking back, I think the reason I fell in love with them was because of Caleb's voice (and of course, Jared! My baby!)

Third one's 30 SECONDS TO MARS. Those three boys has had me hooked since 2007 when I heard "From Yesterday" and saw the music video for it. In-cre-di-ble! Shannon's ability to play the drums was probably what fascinated me the most; and of course, Jared's angelic voice (especially when he sing the songs acoustic!). One of the best days in my life was when I got to see them live on June 30th, 2011.

My fourth and last (but definitely not least) favorite band's ONE DIRECTION. I don't think I have ever spent this much time and dedication to a band before, (which says it all). The first song I ever heard was "Torn", but I didn't become the fan I am today, I guess I had a crush on them after 'Torn'. It wasn't until I heard "What Makes You Beautiful" I really, really fell in love with them. The biggest reason I love them so much is because of the way their music make me react and the way each of the boys make me feel. Even in my darkest moments, they manage to put a smile on my face.


2012/02/17 ~ Present myself

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Day 1 - Present myself

My name's Louise, I'm 18 years old, born and living in Sweden (I'm also half finnish). Living in the same old town as I always have with my mom, dad and older brother. Currently in my last year of school, waiting to graduate in June. My plans after that is to work, save money, travel, see the world before maybe going back to school and/or work so I can move to my own apartment. 

I played football for 3-4 years before I had to quit due to knee problems/injuries (which I still have..). I'm a huge ice hockey fan, cheering for Sweden's very own Leksands IF. 

Favorite colours: black, blue, red, silver and green. Interests: shopping, travelling, partying, listen to music and spend time with friends and family. I hate: lying, cheating, wars and breaking promises. I see myself as: happy, open-minded and loud. I always try to have a good time, as well as being there for my friends when they need me.

If there's anything you're wondering about, don't hesitate asking.


2012/02/16 ~ A ten days list

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Personally, I love it when people share something about themselves. It can be everything from the most personal thing to the least personal thing, it's still nice and somehow it feels like you get to know that person a little more. So I thought that I would do the same. For the next ten days, starting tomorrow, I'll share my stories with you. 

I hope you'll like it!