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2012/02/19 ~ My fears

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Day 3 - My fears
I'm afraid of almost everything. I get scared really easy. My biggest fears are deep waters, heights, darkness, crowded & small rooms/places, spiders (bugs in general) & growing old. 

DEEP WATERS: I have a huge imagination and tell myself someone, or something, will grab my legs and drag me down, causing me to drown. Usually when I'm bathing in lakes or seas, I prefer to stay close to shore where I can feel the ground beneath my feet. It makes me feel safer. 

HEIGHTS: My fear of heights make itself known everytime I stand on a chair or a ladder. If I necessary needs to climb above the ground, I try and not look down at the floor. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Something else, which counts in this category is flying. I absolutely hate it, and get more and more scared each time I fly. Which is weird, since you think you would get less scared everytime.. Well, not me. 

DARKNESS: Same as deep waters, my imagination. I always think something will come out of the dark and kill me or something, and when my mind has started thinking like this.. I can't stop. One thought and I'm fucked. When I'm out alone, walking in the dark, I either call someone, or run. Simple as that.

CROWDED AND SMALL PLACES/ROOM: Includes being buried alive. One of my absolutely biggest fears. I start hyperventilate if I feel crowded or get stuck in smaller places, like elevators, for a while. Normally I can't even ride elevators because I panic. 

SPIDERS: I'm like Ron Weasley when it comes to spiders. I can't stand them. Everytime I see a spider in our apartment, I scream and run into another room until one of my family members has either killed it or taken it outside. It's terrible! 

GROWING OLD: I'm terrified of growing old. The thought of sitting there as a 90 year old woman, thinking back on my life, realising I haven't done everything I wanted to do is practically scaring me to death. I'm also scared of not being able to do everything I want due to different limits. I have so many dreams and goals in my life; and the thought of not being able to complete them is what's scaring me the most about growing old. If I could, I'd be young forever.