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2012/02/24 ~ Favorite season and why

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Day 8 - My favorite season and why
Summer is definitely my favorite season because I love the sun, the freedom, the festivals, being able to tan, wear shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, flip flops (you name it!) without freezing. If I were to decide, I'd let it be summer all year long. I can't really function right if it's not summer, without the heat and the cute outfits, it's heavenly. Without a tan or just hanging out in the sun, I feel wrong. Misplaced. Sounds like I'm a barbie doll, needing a tan, but it's not like that. I just love being tanned; I've never liked being pale. It's just not me, it doesn't feel right.

I also like spring, when the sun always shine and the snow is disappearing. It's lovely to hear the birds sing and feel the freshness in the air, knowing it's soon summer.