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2012/02/25 ~ Favorite place on Earth

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Day 9 - My favorite place on Earth
I actually have two favorites places, neither of them in Sweden. 

♥ Turkey
My mom, my grandma and I have been to Turkey every year since 2009, and we've gone back to the same hotel every year because we love it so much. Coming back there feels like coming home. Everyone is so kind and funny and it's a beautiful place.

♥ Finland
All my familymembers on my moms side is from Finland, so ever since I was born, I've gone there at least once a year. As of today, I think I've been to Finland 21 times. I especially love spending time at my great-grandmothers summer house. It's outside of town and it's the best place ever. There might not be much to do, but I love it there.