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Two pictures from the cruise

Starting from the beginning, I've had the time of my life. 

After a two and a half hour bus ride to Stockholm, we got to the terminal where we had to wait what felt like forever before we got to board the boat. Finally on board, we went to our room, changed clothes and went to dinner. The buffé was amazing! We sat there for an hour or so and just ate, talked, drank and laughed. 

After dinner, we went to the tax free and bought the supplies for the night. Back at our room, it was time to open the first can and start the party. As the night went by, we were the ones ending up throwing the preparty, so we invited our neighbours to our room and then it went crazy. 

We went to the top dance floor where the Swedish DJ Peter Siepen were playing all kinds of music. It was never a dull moment on the dancefloor. The boys we had invited tagged along and we met so much new people and laughed until our stomachs hurt. 

Around 4am, we went to another dance floor, which I must say, were disgusting. I fell right on the dance floor, got up, got punched in the jaw and got half a glas of beer in my hair. Real nice.

When breakfast opened at 5am, we went to eat. I was literally so tired it almost felt like I would bang my head in the table. No kidding. It ended up with us going to our room for a 6 hour powernap. At 12pm, we woke up and I were the only one who started drinking again. So at 4pm, I opened the last drink for the cruise and after that, I was dead. 

After that, all we did was to wait for the bus to come and pick us up and take us home. And after a long three hour ride, we finally got to our local station and got to go home. 

It was definitely the most fun I've had of all times I've went out, which says it all. Nothing can really beat this night! It was amazing.