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2012/02/18 ~ My favorite bands

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Day 2 - My favorite bands
There are many favorites in my playlists, but four bands are special. Life-savers.

The first one's MANDO DIAO, I became a fan in 2007 when I heard "If I Don't Live Today, Then I Might Be Here Tomorrow", and the reason I fell in love with them was because of their lyrics. Each of their songs make me feel different emotions and their songs are perfect for every mood. I've seen them live every summer since 2009 and the magic of seeing them live is even better each time.

My second favorite band's KINGS OF LEON. I've been a fan since 2007/2008 and I saw them live for the first time on June 29th, 2011. The first song I ever heard with them was "True Love Way" and that song was reason enough to go and buy their CD's. Thinking back, I think the reason I fell in love with them was because of Caleb's voice (and of course, Jared! My baby!)

Third one's 30 SECONDS TO MARS. Those three boys has had me hooked since 2007 when I heard "From Yesterday" and saw the music video for it. In-cre-di-ble! Shannon's ability to play the drums was probably what fascinated me the most; and of course, Jared's angelic voice (especially when he sing the songs acoustic!). One of the best days in my life was when I got to see them live on June 30th, 2011.

My fourth and last (but definitely not least) favorite band's ONE DIRECTION. I don't think I have ever spent this much time and dedication to a band before, (which says it all). The first song I ever heard was "Torn", but I didn't become the fan I am today, I guess I had a crush on them after 'Torn'. It wasn't until I heard "What Makes You Beautiful" I really, really fell in love with them. The biggest reason I love them so much is because of the way their music make me react and the way each of the boys make me feel. Even in my darkest moments, they manage to put a smile on my face.