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2012/02/21 ~ My most embarrassing memory

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Day 5 - My most embarrassing memory
You see, here's a little problem, I can't remember any embarrassing memory. I don't think I have any memories I feel embarrassed over. But for the sake of this topic, I'll tell you a little about some of my memories that are both funny, but also can be considered to be embarrassing. 

So, let's begin with when I was little. I was naked. All the time. I took off my clothes every chance I got and ran around the house. And one time, when I was around 4 years old, maybe 5, my family and I were in Finland to visit my relatives. I was naked, of course, and decided to go for a walk in my grandmothers yard, with my aunts shoes (which, as you can imagine, were absolutely too big for me at that age), and walked around. Now, as I walked, there were stinging nettles on the way to the out door toilet, and when I were walking beside them, I lost control over my feet and fell. I fell right into the stinging nettles, bare naked! Lucky for me, I can't remember this myself, but my mom told me multiple times. And by the time I fell in, I was yelling my head off, screaming at the top of my lungs, and when my mom were going to put me in a bathtub, (to help ease the pain), I refused. So, here's the funny part: my parents had to push me into the bathtub, force me into it.

Another memory is quite funny. It happened around two years ago, my friends and I were at the mall to meet a few Idols (from that seasons Swedish Idol). Calle, my favorite, were sitting on the floor beneath us and my friend said, 'If I whistle, and he looks up, will you wave?' and I answered, 'Yes, sure.' I didn't think he would actually look up. 
So, my friend whistled, and he looked up. So I stood there, and had to wave. And I waved. Like a fucking idiot. Or baby, rather, half my hand closing, opening, closing, opening. You get the picture, yeah? Anyways, Calle was smiling like hell and my friends were dying from laughter. Myself, I thought I'd die from embarrassment at the moment. Now, it's quite funny.