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2012/02/22 ~ My ambitions

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Day 6 - My ambitions
Until recently, I haven't really had any real ambitions. I've always been the kind of person who rolls with the moment and do the things I have to do, without really putting too much thought into what I'm doing or why. But since I'm graduating in June, it might be time to sort out my thoughts and write down my ambitions for the future. 

Something I've always loved to do is travel. And since last fall, I've been thinking more and more about studying abroad. To study law and become a jurist is kind of an ambition for me, and when my mind actually travels to this topic, London is what comes up in my mind. 
I'm a really shy person and don't really like leaving my comfort zone, so leaving home to study abroad is thrilling and definitely something I want to try within a few years.

Another of my ambitions is, after I've graduated, to find a well paid job where I can work for a few months, save money and travel the world. Thailand is my first goal; two of my friends and I have talked about back packing there for a few months. 

I love music. I don't think I would be where I am today if it weren't for music. It have literally saved my life. And as you read a few days ago, my four favorite bands are One Direction, Mando Diao, 30 Seconds To Mars and Kings of Leon. One of my ambitions in this area is to one day meet all of these boys in person, talk to them, get their autographs (even though I have two Mando Diao CD's signed, one LP personally signed to me) and just hang out. 

There you go, three of my ambitions so far!