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2012/03/11 ~ The eleventh day

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On day 2, I wrote about my favorite bands. Ever since then, I thought, why not write about my favorite artists? There are a few there as well, which should be included in this 'get-to-know-me-in-ten-days' list, so here we go.

Day 11 - My favorite artists
MICHAEL JACKSON ~ My king, my hero, my love, my saviour. His music has been with me pretty much my whole life and his music has helped me through both good and bad times.
♥ songs: Human Nature, Heal The World, We Are The World, Earth Song, Hold My Hand, Who's Lovin You, Tabloid Junkie, Privacy, Smile, Who Is It, Give In To Me, The Way You Make Me Feel, I'll Be There

ED SHEERAN ~ My new favorite artist. His voice is like an angels, literally. His lyrics are so beautiful, and deep, it's amazing. I may be a new fan, but oh boy, I will be there until the end.
songs: Drunk, Small Bump, This, Give Me Love, Kiss Me, Lego House, U.N.I

ADELE ~ That woman has made me cry so many times I've lost count and I believe there will be a lot more tears shed until she is finished in the music business.
songs: Make You Feel My Love, Someone Like You, Rolling In The Deep, Set Fire To The Rain

LYKKE LI ~ I've never been into indie music/artists before, but since I first heard 'Breaking It Up' and 'Tonight', my heart was hooked. I think the reason is because it's so different from my usual taste in music.
♥ songs: Tonight, I Follow Rivers, Sadness Is A Blessing,

BRUNO MARS ~ my baby! He's THE entertain (after Mike, of course! There's no entertainer as Mike!). His voice, his moves, his appearance, his everything. Hooligan since August 2010!
♥ songs: Just The Way You Are, Marry You, It Will Rain, Runaway Baby, Liquor Store Blues.

HÅKAN HELLSTRÖM ~ his songs make me feel a thousand different emotions, but they are only perfect to listen to at two times. Either when I'm depressed or when I'm really happy and feeling carefree. He's such a charmer and Håkan + summer equals perfection.
songs: En Vän Med En Bil, En Midsommarnattsdröm, Nu Kan Du Få Mig Så Lätt, Det Är Så Jag Säger Det, Kärlek Är Ett Brev Skickat Tusen Gånger.

(I've to admit, I feel bad towards my other favorites. But eh.. this is my concience speaking!)